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The result are a series of candid images that capture every daily life of the city’s underbelly. Decades after the images were shot, they now act as a time-capsule for a district that has transformed.“Since the photos were taken, some 22 years ago, the whole district changed,” says the photographer.And so, like many other capital attempting to juggle regeneration and gentrification, the character of Amsterdam is changing.Each year, some 14 million people visit the Netherlands with 5.3 million of those heading to Amsterdam. It is this shift that prompted Amsterdam resident, carpenter and photographer Huub Prickaerts to publish his raw snapshots of the De Wallen area of the red light district between 19.Out of any intoxicant -- legal and otherwise -- marijuana (aka Mary Jane, greenery, diggity dank sauce, etc.) can probably be singled out as the most misunderstood. After many decades of back-and-forth studies, recent University of Louisville research has determined that marijuana use does not, in fact, kill off those precious brain cells that keep your noggin humming. You'll just end up with a mouthful of stems and nothing to show for it.Just think of all the rumors and misinformation you've been fed by D. This corroborates a 2003 report in the Can you get high from just popping a nug into your mouth and swallowing? Marijuana has to be heated and combined with a fatty substance (like butter) and consumed orally for any effect. Many teen-focused public-service ads warning about the perils of weed focus on the fact that it makes you antisocial, unable to talk to members of the opposite sex, and an overall dud in the sack.A couple of them are talking to their prospects with the doors ajar.

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Desperate to document the lives unfolding around him, Prickaerts secretly snapped his monochrome images for a camera at his hip. Sex workers, the majority of whom are women, have been allowed to advertise their services in shop windows since 2000.Just show up at an attraction of your choice, flash your Booking Experiences QR code, skip the queue, and get discounts on these tours.