Dating a friends ex fling

16-Jan-2018 09:40

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Often it’s hard to tell the two apart, especially if you’ve not been in a relationship or hooked up with anyone in a while.

Where relationships are concerned, going out with one of your mates’ ex partners is, whichever way you look at it, wrong.

It could be that he is dating you alone, but since the dating season is a period of exploration, he might just be seeing other girls as well.3. There is not much romancing, no flowers, no love letters or the professing of each other's undying love, just a bit of scratching each other's itch as the need arises.

Most times, the relationship is hidden and so you barely ever see each other before midnight.4. You both like each other, but there is not much romancing as is obvious had you been dating.

So whether or not it's cool to date your friend's ex is entirely dependent on your relationship with her and how she feels about it."Related: Top 5 (Best & Worst) First Date Conversations First, she suggests, ask yourself what kind of relationship this guy had with your friend.

Was it just a quick fling or were they planning to walk down the aisle?

I’m sorry, but there’s no way I can hide my unshakable, moral compass on this one – it’s weird and wrong and awful for a number of valid reasons.