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I just love these buttery crepes dipped in sweet condensed milk or sour cream with jam. So a few years back (when I had very little interest in cooking actually, so this memory surprises me), I asked my mom to show me how to make them. You pour the batter into a hot pan and very quickly have to tilt it to form the perfect circle. She was used to it (she’s been making blini for years, on that same pan! Use a 1/4 cup or 1/3 cup measurer to scoop the batter into the middle of the pan, then quickly tilt the pan in a circular motion until the batter spreads to cover the pan surface. I made these twice using a 10" pan, the first time 1/3 cup was perfect, the second time 1/4 cup was enough. my stove at home got hot quickly and the blini were burning on medium (3.5/10 heat ended up being perfect).

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It's best to have a Russian person say these out loud to you first so you can know how they are pronounced.

If you're unfamiliar with these words, it's best to print them out and memorize them before going to Russia.* Also, get acquainted with saying numbers in Russian.It's much easier than you think and will help you a lot.