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01-Jan-2018 01:31

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Our laptop, tablets, phablets, and smartphones have become corporeal extensions—losing a smartphone really does feel like losing a part of myself.

Jones blames digital innovations for the misunderstandings that prevent Rick and Jessie’s reunion.

It’s no surprise this theme runs through a romance novel: it reflects a wider cultural fear that these technologies impede rather than strengthen human connection.

Two childhood sweethearts, Rick and Jessie, use text messages, phone calls, and e-mail to manage the distance between them as Jessie attends college on the East Coast of the United States and Rick moves between Great Britain and the American West.

Shortly before a summer reunion, their technological ties fail when Jessie is hospitalized after a traumatic attack.

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Our online lives and “real” lives are now so intertwined it’s hard to distinguish between the two.

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