Who is responsible for updating msds

22-Sep-2017 03:04

The target audiences for GHS include workers, transport workers, emergency responders and consumers. Classification of the hazards of chemicals according to the GHS rules: GHS provides guidance on classifying pure chemicals and mixtures according to its criteria or rules. Communication of the hazards and precautionary information using Safety Data Sheets and labels: Labels – With the GHS system, certain information will appear on the label.

For example, the chemical identity may be required.

It is a framework from which competent authorities may select the appropriate harmonized classification & communication elements.

Competent authorities will decide how to apply the various elements of the GHS within their systems based on their needs and the target audience.

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Safety data sheets (SDS) should be provided either before or at the time of first delivery of the substance or mixture.quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) and read across.

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